National Lottery

National Lottery

National Lottery

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The history of Curaçao’s National Lottery, the Landsloterij, is very rich. In 1922 the idea of a national lottery was launched as a countermeasure to the significant offering of illegal gambling and to keep a check on the foreign exchange leaving the islands as a result thereof. However, the national lottery initiative could not count on immediate support. With the signing into law of the National Ordinance on the National Lottery 1949 the Landsloterij finally started operations in their current format.

The Landsloterij, the official operator of the national lottery, is a Public Law Entity that falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Finance. The bi-weekly drawings are overseen by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. For more info on the Landsloterij, please follow this link to their website:

Legislation and Regulation

The National Lottery, the Landsloterij is regulated through the National Ordinance on the National Lottery 1949 (Landsloterijverordening 1949, PB 1965, no. 122, z.g.) and applicable national decrees.

Disclaimer: The legislation available for download is not in the official format. For the purpose of uniformity the legislation was poured into a standard format. For the purpose of user-friendliness, where relevant, an unofficial consolidated text is provided, Although this exercise was performed with the utmost care, no rights can be derived from the use of this format.

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