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Numbers Lottery

Numbers Lottery

The Curaçao lottery sector is licensed and regulated through the Lottery Ordinance 1909 (Loterijverordening 1909, AB 1965, no. 85, z.g.) and its bylaws. The Lottery Ordinance 1909 regulates the Wega di Number (this is the Papiamentu name for a Numbers Lottery, Pick 2, 3 and 4), Lotto, Scratch Lottery and Lottery of goods. As of March 2017, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) is charged with the authority to grant, amend, suspend and revoke Wega di Number licenses.

License Application

To apply for a Wega di Number license, download the Wega di Number Lottery License Application Form. After filling out and signing the form, submit the form together with all required documentation to the Gaming Control Board.

Download Wega di Number License Application Form

Wega di Number License FAQs

‘Wega di Number’, literally translated ‘Game of Numbers’, is a numbers lottery where the participant wagers a cash amount on one or more 2, 3 or 4-number combinations in order to win a monetary prize.

In every drawing three 4-digit numbers are drawn. The first drawing of the 4-digit number determines the first prize, the second drawing the second prize and the third drawing the third prize.

The last 2 and 3 numbers of each 4-digit number drawn relate to the tickets of the first respectively the second series. The complete 4-digit numbers relate to the tickets of the third series.

The values of the different prizes that can be won are determined by the series. The prize structure, based on a nominal ticket value of NAf 1 and the sale of partial tickets/series for NAf 0,50 and NAf 0,25, iis as depicted on page 4 of the Wega di Number License Application.

In the case of partial tickets/series, the prizes are paid out proportionately.

The prize structure is determined by law and deviations are not allowed.

In Wega di Number the tickets are divided into 3 series.

• Tickets in the first series are numbered from 00 to 99;
• Tickets in the second series are numbered from 000 to 999;
• Tickets in the third series are numbered from 0000 to 9999.

A Wega di Number-ticket is sold for NAf 1.13. This amount conststs of:

• The nominal ticket value of NAf 1 plus
• 4% of the nominal ticket value (NAf 0.04) for participation in the Extra Drawing plus
• 9% of the nominal ticket value (NAf 0.09) for sales tax.

The ticket price and the prize structure are determined by law. Deviation from the legally prescribed ticket price will disrupt the prize structure and is therefore prohibited. Please refer to the official prize structure on page 4 of the Wega di Number License Application..

Yes. Providing the opportunity for gambling in Curacao without a valid license is a crime. A Wega di Number license is required for selling this numbers lottery product in Curaçao.

Yes. A guarantee fund (‘waarborgfonds’) is set up to secure the payout of prizes.

Annually at the issuance of the license, the licensee is required to deposit in the guarantee fund an amount equal to 10% of the maximum prize package stipulated in the license.

When, calculated over several years, the licensee has deposited at least 60% of the maximum prize package stipulated in the license, no additional deposit by the licensee will be required unless the guarantee fund is used for debts incurred by the licensee.

Amounts deposited in the guarantee fund will not be refunded

An increase in the number of “series” automatically leads to an increase of the maximum prize package stipulated in the license, which in turn leads to an increase of the required deposit in the guarantee fund.

The Lottery Ordinance 1909 has room to issue to Wega di Number licensees a separate license for lotteries to stimulate sales or increase revenue. Participation in these lotteries can be free or with a direct or indirect monetary consideration. However, the required ordinance for the regulation of these types of lotteries has not yet been realized.

No. It is prohibited to offer the opportunity to participate in lotteries that are not licensed by the Government of Curaçao (foreign lotteries). This includes lotteries from other jurisdictions like Aruba, Bonaire, the USA, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Colombia etc.

A Wega di Number ticket should at least contain the following information:

• the license number;
• the date of issuance of the license;
• the nominal value of the ticket;
• the selling date of the ticket, which is also the date of the drawing;
• the prizes to which the ticket entitles the holder if the drawing determines it a winning ticket;
• the sales office that sold the ticket.

The license number and date of issuance of the license must also be stated in all marketing materials.

Yes. Lottery tickets may not be sold to people younger than 18 years old. Should the winner proof to be a minor, the prize will not be awarded.

It is also prohibited to use minors for the ticket sales.

Natural persons residing in can apply for a Wega di Number license, if the following conditions are met:

• The applicant must be of age (at least 18 years old),
• The applicant may not be or have been involved in illegal lottery activities,
• In the last 5 years, the applicant may not have lost a license through revocation,
• The applicant may not have been irrevocably convicted for fraud, deception, begging or procuring (prostitution) and
• The (licensing of) the applicant may not present a danger to public order or moral standards, and may not cause public unrest.

The Wega di Number license is valid for one (1) calender year.

Yes. The applicant determines his maximum gross sales by the number of “series” of 2, 3 and 4 numbers that he wishes to offer to the public. The maximum gross sales is then fixed in his Wega di Number license.

On Curaçao, the total amount of sales offices for Wega di Number lottery tickets may not exceed 362. The maximum amount of sales offices per licensee is established at 70.

The addresses of the licensee’s sales offices are recorded in his license.

When the maximum total amount of sales offices has been reached, the only way to add a new address to the license is by trading in an old address. This means that the licensee moves the sales office from the old address to the new address.

The total amount of sales offices will be reduced only when an address is stricken off a license.

This will happen:
• at the request of the licensee concerned, or
• when the address does not (or no longer) exist, or
• when there is no sales office at the recorded address, or
• when the sales office is not operational, is not used by the licensee or is not used in accordance with the license.